Impeach a President (Trump is not the president)

Please stop wasting tax payers time and money. This is absurd. Move on. This really is the demise of our country. The house and senate reps, do they really need to work a full time job? lol. Don’t we have enough laws? And when they do want to change something, damn pork barrel crap gets put in there too. Legal bribery. If you vote for my law, I’ll give your state more money for … fill in the blank.

So back to the impeachment. lol Really? How much is this costing the tax payers, millions. And our reps are just trying to make a point so they can get rejected, i mean reelected. 🙂 Trump was defeated in the weirdest election ever. Let it go, let’s move on. Jeesh. The older I get the more I can’t stand our government and the design. Term limits for all, and lobbyists limits. It’s pretty simple. The constitution was written when our local businessmen only worked part time in their position. Now, they vote themselves raises and have superior health care. This needs changed, tired of our premadonna representatives. smh.

OK, I concede – but don’t let CHINA off the hook, please! If you want to bring jobs back to the US!

lol, while I admit, I wanted President Trump to win, it wasn’t because of his bedside manner, or his quick to Twitter responses. It was his policy, and his drain the swamp mentality. I want term limits and lobbyist limitation, but unfort this will never happen, even if we did grandfather the old effers in. But moving forward the one thing that will maintain serenity for many small and large manufacturing companies in the US. Are the Tariffs on CHINA. Due to their patent and information infringement of many products current and in the past, along with their subsidized economy and low labor rate laws that follows their communism rule. We the US can’t compete. And you want minimum wage to be $15/hr. And you want China to do whatever you want? Really the question is, do you want the jobs here? Then we have to have a level playing field, and when our importing is substantially larger than the exporting to a specific country, we have to see this as unfair. Especially when we have proven federally that they’ve lied and cheated the system. Please maintain the CHINA tarrifs! It’s vital the success of improving our own quality of life for everyone in the US.

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Doom & Gloom Dems, Here we go …

Congratulations to the democratic party for the presidential win. While I support your blue, it will take a bit for most of us to grasp what Biden will bring, other than a mask mandate. Which is what I’m writing about now. Fortunately I live in North Carolina and have for 18 years now, and while I don’t see eye to eye on everything our Governor has done, Governor Roy Cooper, he has done an ok job on progressing to a more open society. He has done a very good job, limiting the seriousness of the Covid pandemic. Our hospitalizations have increased recently, but not overwhelming our hospitals. And while cases are significantly rising throughout the entire state, our death or mortality rate has not increase significantly either.

So why I am I listening to Maggie Fox, Sr. Editor for CNN, forecast such a depressed state on NPR live today. She rattles off these statements that just aren’t true for my state. She on there shouting, that things are going to get much worse, limited PPE, health care workers working overtime for 9 months now, with the Flu season upon us, things are going to get even worse. Well not in every state. And these comments don’t add up. Don’t you thing wearing a mask will also prevent you from getting the flu. Seems like it to me.

But what really irritates me about our where we get our news. Theres an overwhelming amount of information that we get that is an opinion, and editorial review. Lets face it, they’re competing for airtime, and news, local, state and national all play the reality tv game to gather better ratings. And its becoming such a “what I think is going on” vs. “What was said today at the …” . Ya know, it sure would be nice to have the news tell me what happened, without their extended opinion of what it means. And if you do provide your perception of what might be going on and why, make sure your doing it from both sides. Doom and Gloom … Thanks Ms. Fox. It’s not reality, it’s what you made it.

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We’re prolonging the pandemic

Is the vaccine going to fix the pandemic? If a vaccine is approved, it would have met minimum efficacy and safety measures. With that being said, our young and healthy should not be restricted or locked down. Unfortunately we don’t always know they’re not really healthy. Regardless, this population is the lowest risk and they are not only at the ripe socially bread age, and many in college, but this is the group that will transfer the virus the most, (and Healthcare workers), can also put us closer to herd immunity. But because of their low risk, this group should literally all go to the football games for free, stay in school or your dorm for the next month and come home for Thanksgiving. 🙂 Now the kids can visit grandma or family member with cancer. ❤ This great country needs to be 100% open. And while i refer to vaccines, which need to be available for or high risk first, then our seniors, then all.

Here’s where the problem starts, the assumption everyone will be vaccinated.

And most important, our president as of October 4th has tested positive for covid without a fever or any other symptoms.

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We live in America. We must unite! Fuck racism, We need to come together as brothers and sisters of any race and any color. ❤

Unfortunately there will always be racism, we all have opinions and perspectives. Unfortunately we must stop enabling poverty, if you’re in poverty and you’re expecting handouts, you need to grow up and start working. Rise. Don’t accept the handouts by the government, they’re misguiding us. They’re controlling you. Get off your butt and become empowered.

Most of us are very aware of that black lives matter, but as a white person, all colors of life matters. I have always believed the United States is a melting pot of diverse people, and that’s what makes us great.

Let’s laugh, cry and more importantly love one another. Start today.

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College Football Must Go On, A Top Political Issue

College football is the American Winter time sport to sit back and relax. And yes tailgate, and parking lot parties with 100’s of college students and their parents may throw a small corn hole tournament before the game. But maybe not this year. I think everyone who watched college football can go without the social exchanges to comply with a concerned government. We can comply because our hospitals are at capacity with Covid Patients. College Football doesn’t need a stadium, but I and we, and millions more Americans need a past time to maintain our serenity even if its from our favorite chair or couch in the living room or back deck. College Football must go on!

“College Football is a top political issue. And it must go on!”

The fall and winter months provide us limited amount of sunlight, and we already expect some of us to get depressed, aka SAD, seasonal affected disorder. Give us our football. And its ok, most of us will continue to support our annual costs to maintain our seats. Heck, even considering allows ticket holders to only go 1 game this year, instead of 7. We’ll be fine with that. But please don’t cancel College Football. Nobody really cares who wins or loses, right Alabama? I mean Clemson? lol … I mean Michigan, or Ohio State? heh … College Football must go on. Our kids serenity depends on it. We’ll get used to the small group of entertaining. And we’ll get used to entertaining in a more open environment, practicing social distancing and availability of sanitizing hands often. I’ve never in my life washed my hands or lotioned up with sanitizer so much. I have more than 3 or 4 bottles of sanitizer. Most of us do. But please, for the children of gods sake, we must have some competition.

Testing our college athletes for Covid is a no brainer. They get tested twice a week for the entire season, for every sport, soccer, golf, basketball. They’re off the team, until a negative test. We get it. Our government is worried about providing quality healthcare to those in need, and while we’re concerned for the lack of … but College Football must go on.

My neighbors along with my wife and I, have been playing cornhole quite often since April. And our worlds have changed, we get it. But some level of college and pro sports must go on. College Football is a top political issues and must be played at some level. Don’t let 2020 take all of our freedoms away. Please. FIGURE IT OUT. College Football Must Go On!

Reduce the season to 10 games. Lets do a little deep dive into the ancillary requirements that make the sport what it is. A weekend on turf, stadium seating, locker rooms and the locker (go to Texas Football for the best locker rooms), go back stage. Single out high schools. They need the same enthusiasm at some level as well. No more jamborees, but with technology, even high schoolers can watch from home now. Middle schoolers want to play too … flag football. Trust me, you’ll have backyard and make up games being played without the correct supervision and you might as well get it right and FIGURE IT OUT.

Many season ticket holders would be willing to maintain their current $$ pledge if they can go 1 or two games. No tailgating, it will be policed. But with technology we can easily divide up our stands to eliminated 80% of the people, so social distancing can be practiced. Heck even if its one game per year, you will see College sports being financially supported. We already hear of colleges revenues decreased dramatically and may not make it. They we’rent prepared for the online only shift. Real Estate Classes too. So allow us to one game, I (i imagine most of us) don’t even care if its the first home game or the last … our college football history goes way back, and it allows us to maintain a relationship with our children during an important time of adult growth. Even if we can’t drink with strangers at our kids frat house. :/

We still want to cookout, we still want to purchase food, and buy extravagant dips and deserts for a few of our friends at our house, instead of thousands on a Friday night getting ready to tailgate at 7am in the morning. We get it. But don’t stop it completely. College Football must go on.

Not only do our kids want to play, but our colleges need the revenue to maintain the integrity of the school. And as I’ve said a couple times before, most of us will continue to support our seasonal ticket costs, just because of the situation we’re in, but we will need football to be played. We want to purchase jerseys, and hats and blankets, online. This is not just college (or pro) football this is our economy. Don’t shut it down. FIGURE IT OUT! College football must be played!

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Top Political Issues from the Authors view – just a perspective and willing to be modified

  1. RACE – I am an American. Support and Love one another. Lets lift everyone up.
  2. Public Office: Limiting Senate to 2 terms and House seats to 6 terms. Reduce pay and exorbitant amount of pension, compared to the common worker. Oh yeah, and their entitled healthcare should be Medicare, like the public. Senators serve a 6 year term while House of reps serve for 2 years per term.
  3. American Healthcare – a quality of life like no other, should be given to everyone at a basic minimum. Availability of producing good generic medications, routine physical and dental assistance, along with technology, allows basic healthcare for everyone as essential.
  4. American Poverty – Enable. Empower. Employment. MANUFACTURING BEGINS AGAIN in the United States of America. We will lead the US manufacturing revolution with education and empowering small businesses, with the most advance technology available.
  5. Checkbook balancing. We have more than 16 million people working in the public sector. Cost tax payers more than 73 BILLION DOLLARS a year. I know right. Think about it, where does the money come from? People who make money. Government doesn’t make money, they take it from you and I. This open checkbook, has got to stop. How about 50 Billion dollars in foreign aid. Huh? I’m all about supporting alliances, but 50 billion. Sounds like we’re lobbying the world. and I hate lobbyist. The other sad part about this, many/most of our public sector jobs get a pension. The money making sector, the Private sector has practically eliminated it. Things need to change.
  6. Military – Confidence we will have Peace throughout the world, but maintaining the integrity of our peoples land first, and the confidence and support of our northern and southern allies will be our primary focus. Support Global alliances with same views. No reason to partake in international real estate and religious wars, these will never be won, and is very sad. Hopeful sovereign countries can agree without war, or death. Life isn’t a game.
  7. Eliminate Lobbyist. If the pharmaceutical companies aren’t allowed, why would our legal system?

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Is Biden fit for President? Top Political issue

Biden has a likeability to him that people trust. He’s been in government for many years. Hold on, I’ll check. He was born in 42′, started a senate position in 73′, so just under 50 years in government.

So this is where I stray from being neutral, sorry. How can someone support my perspectives and views when they haven’t lived in the private sector, basically forever. Over 16 million government/public jobs, that tax payers pay their salary. The private sector pays more than $73 BILLION a year in salaries to our public sector. This is another topic, and out of control. Outside of college tuition and their sports, citations from our justice dept, tickets etc. The public sector doesn’t make any money. Ok .. back to Biden.

When I go to his website he’s got 37 topics. Poverty, Healthcare and cost of government aren’t on their. We continue to tip toe around 3 of the most crucial areas that determines the majority’s quality of life. Enabling our poor to continue to in their same trend of not being self reliant.

The total number of people dyeing from Corona/Covid 19, per day is dropping significantly.

Who data corona daily death rate US United States
Corona Covid 19 Virus Death Rate

As a data junkie, you have to find the real data. And unfortunately in todays world, there’s always a percentage of the populated that is gets a bit skewed. Lets really put this in perspective. Many states are seeing a decrease in positive testing. Some states are seeing an increase. Is it because we’re testing more? Is it because many had to go back to work and without symptoms tested positive? And had to repeat until negative. Is it because we’re testing for antibody and PCR, and show positive regardless. Is it because of protesting or riots? Is it because of Republican rallies? So with all these unkowns, we still have a few different sources for pooled data. Fortunately all three, Johns Hopkins, CDC and one more, but their trends all follow suit. Some a little high, some a little low, but the same trends when viewing the chart/graph.

Unfortunately this virus spreads rapidly, I personally believe a large portion of the country had the virus in Nov-Dec. I travel on a plane a couple times a month. I was noticing a surprisingly number of specifically Asians wearing masks. In January, I had someone cough through out the flight, behind me. Two days later I’m traveling home, and had a 2 our drive. I decided to stay in hotel near the airport and drive home, my body shut down. Each day I had a different symptom, first body aches, then nasal, then stuffy head, then into the lungs … for a couple2-3 weeks. I’m giving blood for the second time during this covid crap tomorrow, but this time I find out if I’ve had covid or not. Red Cross is providing antibody testing on every unit of blood. I’ll update accordingly after I find out.

Then the Superbowl … this was two weeks after my symptoms started, but still had minor cough hack … but can you imagine how many people may have had it flying to Miami, and going to the superbowl, and partying like it was 1999 again. Heck Florida is shutting their bars down … smh. Anyway, can you imagine the meltingpot of people in Miami, the end of January, quite possibly at the peak of Corona. Then our spring breakers that party’d it up in March, even early april … and brought it back home to mama and pops … truly crazy events … but here we are … Whats really important? Since we know this doesn’t affect the young, or even older population, its in the senior community, around 65 ish .. but of course if you’re overweight, blood pressure, any compromised immune system. And where does a large majority of those patient live? Nursing homes .. hyper focus on the quality of their health care and we’ll immediate results. anyway .. next..

Unfortunately not to be gross or with a negative perspective, but ultimately our survival rate, or daily no. of deaths should determine, if we should still be concerned with an over an abundance of respiratory patients that may flood our hospital or more specific, our icu rooms. I live in NC, more than 90% of the hospital rooms and ICU rooms are currently available. Where’s that statistic? Hidden. The big 600′ red cross boat, that went to New York to help with the influx patients, setup additional tents in the parks. Never used, so thank good we didn’t stress our health care system as much as we thought. 🙂 This is great news.

So now that we know, our healthcare is prepared, for much worse than what we saw, how do we focus on those high risk patients. And get our economy back in gear and start providing the cancer screenings, physicals, blood levels, diabetes medications and other medications manufactured in the US.

But wait hold my beer. B double E double R un, Beer Run … Even though our health care isn’t at risk, we’ll be wearing masks for years. Instead of worrying about positive tests, we need to focus on where the deaths are coming from and hold those responsible. More importantly, what are the daily corona virus death trends? With a little influence, it won’t take make to allow stores only available for Senior with masks from 6-8 am. on Wednesday. So many opportunities but so many states have failed this obvious issue that happened in Washing State when it first broke out, and has continued to affect a large portion of the death rate are from Nursing homes, possibly as much as 50%.

The only link I have for you is the daily death rate by country, it’s an accumulated 3 day dot on the chart. Keep in mind, when reviewing the US data, what did the CDC do on June 26? added probable deaths to their total, beginning the 26th. It may not have been the entire reason, and yes we in the United States have some crazy stuff going on. I didn’t know anything about a mami until a week or two. I guarantee Aunt Jemima was a smart lady and made a ton of money. Just because some Harvard professor said we haven’t been concerned with the racial perspective of what took place, its about time we remove her lovely wanna give a hug to face. I don’t get it. Stop tearing up our businesses, small and large, I don’t care who you are. Way off topic.

You decide … our rates are going up, because we’re

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