Presidentital Candidates 2016


So President Obama has done an outstanding job bringing gas prices and the unemployment rate down.   Low gas prices are good, but has the low unemployment rate has been offset by an increased number of people on medicare and increasing our national debt monthly, as much as 2 trillion in a 2 months   Do you feel secure with our presence in the International world.  From a military perspective?  I don’t.  And I sure don’t need a Hillary C running as commander in chief.  Or Bernie Sanders taxing our rich so they want to move to another country to open their manufacturing plant.

The 5 biggest political issues for 2016 … for me!

  1. Our United States National Debt!  Our debt is now more than 18 Trillion dollars.  What if you as a parent took a loan out, and kept taking loans out, then when you passed, your kids were responsible for your debt.   Whoa!  Right, I know. … Our National debt is a crisis and our spending needs to stop!  At least spending more than what we have coming in.  Our governments income comes from people like me and you, tax payers.  And our government is outta control.  Why aren’t we more upset?  This is ridiculous!
  2. International Presence.  I don’t want to take the lead across the pond, I wouldn’t want to show that the US is above every leader and especially the United Nations.  But … what I would like to show is that the United Nations and the majority of leaders who are of the peacful kind to agree and the United States to act upon their decision and then show the world that the United States has the power to reflect on those decision.  Training other armies and going to war side by side.  Unfortnately this is not an easy win, even when a majority agrees.   These countries are raising their children under evil regimes, bringing them up become a suicide bomber.  We must strategize and articulate carefully how to proceed, but don’t expect this to change overnight .. but small bits of positive progress should be rewarded.  But don’t let the gaurd down.
  3. The IRS is too complicated and too involed.  This needs to be simplified.  Regardless of how much you make, 7% is 7% … Make $100 take $7 … Make 100 million, take 7 million.  We can’t take less from the poor, then we are enabling them to be poor.  We can’t take more from the rich, they are the ones that bring the large manufacting plan to the United States and create job.  The less we tax the poor the more we are creating this subculture of takers, that want handouts.  The more we tax the rich, the more they will seek out other countries with less of a tax burden and relocate their plants there.  This has been happening for years and its now time for a flat tax.  No more loop holes, no more if’s, then’s,  … a flat tax.  Have you ever wondered why we get taxed on our income and sales tax when we buy something?   Who designed this system?  Governments that spend too much!
  4. The Obamacare systems needs to be repeeled and the old system put back into place with a few changes.  Open up state lines so people like you and me buy into a more competitive health insurance plan.   This is a no brainer.  this also includes taking care of our Health Care practictioners who are concerned about being sued, and their insurance sky rocketing.
  5. Education … something needs to be done.  Communitty Colleges needs to offer college courses during high school, for high schoolers that meet a certain gpa level.  How can we get an associate degree during High School?  Lets figure this one out.  While public universities are relatively inexpensive, try covering the $12,000 that are out of pocket for your new freshement that only recieved a $5000 federal loan, because you make too much.  12k is a lot!
Increase Medicaid in 22 states, $1 Trillion Dollars

Get Ready, Get Medicaid! ACA expands Medicaid

imageThis Affordable Care Act is awesome huh?  Part of the ACA is states have an option to increase their Medicaid Program.  The states responsibility is only 7% of the total $1 Trillion required, the states are making out on this one.  But wait, who’s responsible to pay the other 93% you ask, the federal government, they are just going to print money. BS!  More than $930 Billion will be forked over to the 22 states that opted for the federal aid in Medicaid.  Now who’s responsible to make sure the government has enough money to pay for their entitlement programs? We are, tax payers will be footing the bill!   Awesome huh?  Subsidized insurances for low income and increase the population for Mediciad.   All this and we as a country have yet to see a surplus of revenue since Clinton.  Spending what we don’t have.

Unfortunately, this federal subsidy will only last for 10 years, then the states will be required to pay for all Medicaid recipients. Hhmm … My bet, the states that took the Medicaid option  will be requesting financial assistance when that time comes.

United States, drowning in debt

The US fiscal habits, are Immoral, to my children and generations to come!

4 key deficits
Budget deficit
US Total budget deficits vs. National debt increases 2013
US National Debt as a percentage of GDP
US Revenue vs. Income 2013
Federal Spending 2012
Total US National Debt. vs 2008 $11 Trillion / $32k per person

Savings deficit
US Personal Income vs. Personal Savings 2013

Balance of trade deficit
US Trade deficit: Exports vs. Imports
Trade Deficit as a percentage of GDP


Leadership deficit

Who owns US treasury bonds?

Immoral & Fundamentaly wrong, placing a financial burden to our next generation who isn’t even born,

Entitlement programs
Historic deficits –
We are living beyond our means for too long
2008 9 trillion dollars
53 Trillion per year spent on bills
32k per person 2008

Raising the debt ceiling – max amount borrowed by congress

Debt to GDP ratio. 8.7 – 13.5 64%

Net Exporter – of Scrap

US borrowed 65% of all the money borrowed in the world
10x as much of the next country

Our Republic Democracy is immoral

US Debt & Deficit

Debt deficit increasing

Randy’s info

Revenue vs Spending 

Debts Surpluses

Tree Deforestation by Ax-men History Channel

AX Men .. History Channel

Does this mean, our History Channel is an advocate of reducing our tree coverage on our planet? For profit?    Hey History Channel, can you show us how fast you can plant a tree, for every tree removed on the show?  Make History, by improving our planet,  please.

Black bears, big lumber and a lack of real roads constantly challenge their ability to conquer one of North America’s final frontiers.

Thats awesome huh?  The Ax-men are removing tree from Alaska, one of  Americas final frontier.

Long Distance Wifi

Wheres the Wi-Fi, Verizon doesn’t want free Wi-Fi ..


Free Wi-Fi, free internet phone!  Remember all those old phones, but the internet or Wi-Fi still works, potentially we wouldn’t need Verizon, or ATT, Sprint..  Face time, tango, oovoo.. Are completely internet based and will become more widely accepted rapidly, but will be slowed due to the large cell companies preventing this technology from coming to market.  I would invest in the next 5 mile, 10 mile Wi-Fi!  Ask your carrier next time how much just for the data, unfortunately it’s not offered that way.  You can use an old phone today, but Wi-Fi is limited to predominantly your home, work and the coffee shop! But its still free!

Is it love, maybe, over sexual?

Perspective on LGBT

As ironically as it sounds I have never had any real enemies, little skirmishes in elementary school, then alcohol and college, alright high school.

I had a friend up until a week ago, that I confronted and he came out.  I’m straight and have never floundered that part of my sexual desires.  But two women … That’s a different article and probably blog.

I’ve been confronted by bi-guys a few times, once at the gym, nice guy, just moved into town, he asks if I wanted to go next door and grab some breakfast (sat morn, said hey 3-4x), shortly into the eggs, he asks if I want to go to Atlanta with him. Something about Elton John. Heh.  Crazy.

My kid’s high school has a well known boy and 2 girls that are lg, maybe b.  I know of the boy And he’s extremely flamboyant and very feminin. Anc there’s a good chance there’s a few others that Have more of an introverted personality.

Macklemore solidified the love that two people of the same sex should be allowed the same rights as non lgbt, and has raised awareness of the neglect this group of people have endured,

They deserve equal rights as married folk of the opposite sex. Insurance and bank related stuff specifically.

So that was all the good, the honest, from the heart kinda stuff.  now the not so good.

– a subset of of the LG community are extremely over sexual, and overall give the lg community a bad name.

– Aids can be transferred in many ways! Anal sex is one way.

– when someone has Aids they are in denial and sometimes don’t care and have sex without telling their partner(s).

– many people with Aid’s use drugs, and share needles.  Approximately 34% of the people who have Aids in NY, were heterosexual, doing drugs with needles.

– Almost 30 Billion dollars the US will spend in a year to confront the Aids epidemic, both here in the US and some globally.  Too much, if you ask me.

If the LGBT community wants support from the more conservative groups, they need to clean their act up.  Pledge for safe sex and safe drug use, when needles are involved. This is where a need for awareness needs to take place, by Macklemore!  Things are getting better slowly in the US, but undeniably, most world governments want to prevent these relationships.

Unfortunately, I’m still debating what and how the B & the T part of the LGBT, fit into all this.

Bisexuals, let’s think about that for a moment.  this category is for people who want multiple partners, from both their own sex and the opposite.  I know a few women, that have experienced their own sex but prefer the opposite.   I don’t know anyone who wants to marry and wed to two other people.  And I’m really not sure if that’s what our society has in mind.  i don’t care what people want to get involved in.  But my thought is there would be tremendous tension trying to satisfy multiple partners.  And would fail.  Even polygamy is not supported by the Mormons any more.  Although it still exists, one man supporting multiple wives and many children, they are not part of the church.  I don’t believe the women are bi-sexual.

The progressives want unisex bathrooms, seriously?  That will never happen, but what are the transgenders to do, when they have to use the restroom?  They are males, dressed up as a female and vice versa.  I do believe it happens, when a boy should have been a girl and vice versa.

Promote Safe Sex!

Demise of a democracy

The Demise of a Democracy

The Demise of a democracy, when a politician is scared to reduce the payout/benefits of any section of a federal program, because, they may not get voted back into office.  Including their own benefits!  Why would they be worried?  Because more people work for, and/or receive benefits from the govt. than work in the private sector.   What government employee is going to vote to cut 20% off of social security (ponzI-scheme), Medicare, unemployment, non-profits, military, Medicaid assistance,  IRS, CIA, NIH, FDA, and all other programs, NONE!.  Our country is spinning out of control.  Unfortunately there are almost as many government/public employees compared to the private sector, the public employee makes on average twice that of a private sector employee.  Who wouldn’t want to work for the government, better salary, benefits and pension, and you’ll never get laid off!

Government employees make twice the public empMore government, less capitalism.  Get ready it’s now upon up.  And the lobbyists need to go away, and if you work or receive any government funds, you should not be allowed to vote.  This would save our democracy and our capitalism for a free economy.  It’s not free anymore. Unfortunately, this will never happen, and we are going down a one way road to socialism.