Wisconsin Teachers (Union)

Our Teachers in Wisconsin, why are you fighting against our republic, our democracy?  Why are you showing our children how not to follow our nations laws to accomplish your goals.  1. Calling in Sick, when your not  2. Getting a fraudulent note stating you are sick  3. Taking over the State Senate House   4. Bringing your students to the fight?  Are they missing school too?  Are you a social studies teacher making this kind of an impression about our political process in front of our students? …  If Tea Party participants would have done this, it would have been wrong too, but they didn’t.  Petition after work, on weekends, vote for your elected representatives  that will fight for your rights.  Wisconsin Teachers, you should be ashamed of yourselves, suck it up!  Were in a recession.

Why are the Teachers Union any different than any other working class.  We’ve all seen head count reductions from manufacturing to retail to real estate.  Taxpayers in privately held jobs that are paying your salaries have had to make cuts, why is a “Union” a Teachers Union so different.  It makes me sick.   Who’s paying the salaries for our teachers, our privately held jobs.

Here is the real problem.  1. Government work on average has a higher paying salary than a privately held position.  2. Many government workers get a pension even after 1 year of service.     WOW!  Why wouldn’t everyone want to work for the government?  High Salary and a Pension!  I’m going to quit my privately held position and work for the government and expect to have a job because I work with a Union!    To our government officials, this is wrong, we need to be promoting right to work!  Limit our government positions to 12 year contracts and absolutely no pensions.. none period.  Savings, 401k and Social Security will be fine for a government position.  Although our state representatives don’t like this option either, bad for their wallet.

To all our government workers!  Thank you for your patronage to support our kids, keeping us safe and our road system open.  But after working for our government for a few years, please get a real job in the private work place and help support our republic and democracy!  By paying taxes and not just receiving them.

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  1. Allen Long says:

    I can’t work for the government because I still like to think and do more than push paper around behind a desk!

  2. Karina Singer says:

    The teacher’s union is our only block to good public education. All they do is protect bad teachers from ever being fired and fail our children by putting them in classrooms with many crappy teachers who don’t care whether our children get a good education or not because either way they get paid. I wish there was a way to get rid of all the teachers unions and force teachers to be educated and produce real results with our kids. We should raise teachers salaries that are good and fire the teachers that suck! We need to hold every school, teacher, parent and student accountable for learning.

  3. Thomas says:

    What are you trying to say that the teachers are bringing their students into this? I’m a senior in high school and petitioned for what i believed was right. I was not pushed at all from my teachers. And no i did not skip school to go rally at the capital, I went on my weekend. So before you start ripping on everyone for rallying and petitioning what they believe is right, why don’t you get your facts right and stop making it seem like everyone who is against this bill is an asshole.

  4. admin says:

    I apologize for ripping on “everyone”. Unfortunately live news on tv portrayed this perspective and it seemed consistent as I continued to watch for days afterward. Teachers if you don’t like whats going on, go get another job. Or join another union for 80% less and you make the payments instead of the state. I live in a right to work state, unions cannot force individuals to pay dues.

    Thomas, as I searched the internet for your email address, it seems its associated with Monroe Middle School, Romona Jensen, who also seems to be associated with a Global Climate Change group from the University of Wisconsin. I realize your name is Thomas, so I’m presuming that its indirectly a relative and your using their email. So your mother is associated with the teachers union, but you seem to have a unique perspective from doing your own research on government unions. For some reason I believe you’ve been inundated with Union beliefs. Which is fine, but you still should do your own research.

    Unions (now days) are not as beneficial to government and private sector companies, as they once were. The demise of our steel industry, our auto industry and our government, teachers too. Years ago, because we didn’t have the tv media, news papers and especially the internet to voice our free speech, especially when companies were taking advantage of workers. Now all it takes is a call to our radio stations to get something noticed. 50 years ago, this happened in our steel industry and for good reason, the conditions were bad and salaries were not up to par. Now .. our steel industry is NOT competitive and for most of the large buildings being built in the US, the steel is being shipped from across the ocean cheaper than we can buy it in our own country, why? labor costs! I realize their may be some government subsidy going on, but for the most part, our Unions increase the risk of increasing costs to the final product or service. Plus I’ve seen union labor work, seniority status is how their paid, has nothing to do with who does a better job. Ultimately what has this done to our economy, shipped many jobs overseas because labor costs are too expensive. Thanks Unions.

    Thank you to all teachers who devote your time and energy for teaching our kids English and Math. Arts and Music too, although i question if tax payers should be paying for it. Keep in mind, for those of you who work for the government like teachers, everyone else is paying your salary. You work for us! If you ask me you shouldn’t have a right to a Union. It should be a vote. Better yet if you don’t like whats going on in your state, go elect someone who believe what you believe. Our government is growing, so there are less people to pay taxes. Another solution, drop the middle school and high school physically live classrooms and let the Internet take over except for weekly test and exams. So instead of 5 days a week, make a day a week. How about that one? God Bless our country that we can have a civilized conversation or close to it without hurting or killing people.

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