Who else believes reducing governement/costs/taxes are important?

More reasons to cut government spending and government taxes, local, state and federal!

Rick Scott: Florida Governor Step 2: Reduce Government Spending
“I will make the hard budget choices to bring spending in line with revenues.”
Alright Rick Scott, Governor of Florida, lets start hearing about the budget and cost cutting! How about cutting taxes for everyone and business, small and large.

Huffington Post: Raul Castro: Cuba Government Will Reduce Economic Role
What does this mean? A country where 95% of all Cubans work for the government. Castro Jr., I like your direction!

CATO Institute: Downsizing the Federal Government
by Chris Edwards
The federal government is headed toward a financial crisis as a result of chronic overspending, large deficits, and huge future cost increases in Social Security and Medicare. Social Security and Medicare would be big fiscal challenges even if the rest of the government were lean and efficient, but the budget is littered with wasteful and unnecessary programs.

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