The US fiscal habits, are Immoral, to my children and generations to come!

4 key deficits
Budget deficit
US Total budget deficits vs. National debt increases 2013
US National Debt as a percentage of GDP
US Revenue vs. Income 2013
Federal Spending 2012
Total US National Debt. vs 2008 $11 Trillion / $32k per person

Savings deficit
US Personal Income vs. Personal Savings 2013

Balance of trade deficit
US Trade deficit: Exports vs. Imports
Trade Deficit as a percentage of GDP


Leadership deficit

Who owns US treasury bonds?

Immoral & Fundamentaly wrong, placing a financial burden to our next generation who isn’t even born,

Entitlement programs
Historic deficits –
We are living beyond our means for too long
2008 9 trillion dollars
53 Trillion per year spent on bills
32k per person 2008

Raising the debt ceiling – max amount borrowed by congress

Debt to GDP ratio. 8.7 – 13.5 64%

Net Exporter – of Scrap

US borrowed 65% of all the money borrowed in the world
10x as much of the next country

Our Republic Democracy is immoral

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