Presidentital Candidates 2016


So President Obama has done an outstanding job bringing gas prices and the unemployment rate down.   Low gas prices are good, but has the low unemployment rate has been offset by an increased number of people on medicare and increasing our national debt monthly, as much as 2 trillion in a 2 months   Do you feel secure with our presence in the International world.  From a military perspective?  I don’t.  And I sure don’t need a Hillary C running as commander in chief.  Or Bernie Sanders taxing our rich so they want to move to another country to open their manufacturing plant.

The 5 biggest political issues for 2016 … for me!

  1. Our United States National Debt!  Our debt is now more than 18 Trillion dollars.  What if you as a parent took a loan out, and kept taking loans out, then when you passed, your kids were responsible for your debt.   Whoa!  Right, I know. … Our National debt is a crisis and our spending needs to stop!  At least spending more than what we have coming in.  Our governments income comes from people like me and you, tax payers.  And our government is outta control.  Why aren’t we more upset?  This is ridiculous!
  2. International Presence.  I don’t want to take the lead across the pond, I wouldn’t want to show that the US is above every leader and especially the United Nations.  But … what I would like to show is that the United Nations and the majority of leaders who are of the peacful kind to agree and the United States to act upon their decision and then show the world that the United States has the power to reflect on those decision.  Training other armies and going to war side by side.  Unfortnately this is not an easy win, even when a majority agrees.   These countries are raising their children under evil regimes, bringing them up become a suicide bomber.  We must strategize and articulate carefully how to proceed, but don’t expect this to change overnight .. but small bits of positive progress should be rewarded.  But don’t let the gaurd down.
  3. The IRS is too complicated and too involed.  This needs to be simplified.  Regardless of how much you make, 7% is 7% … Make $100 take $7 … Make 100 million, take 7 million.  We can’t take less from the poor, then we are enabling them to be poor.  We can’t take more from the rich, they are the ones that bring the large manufacting plan to the United States and create job.  The less we tax the poor the more we are creating this subculture of takers, that want handouts.  The more we tax the rich, the more they will seek out other countries with less of a tax burden and relocate their plants there.  This has been happening for years and its now time for a flat tax.  No more loop holes, no more if’s, then’s,  … a flat tax.  Have you ever wondered why we get taxed on our income and sales tax when we buy something?   Who designed this system?  Governments that spend too much!
  4. The Obamacare systems needs to be repeeled and the old system put back into place with a few changes.  Open up state lines so people like you and me buy into a more competitive health insurance plan.   This is a no brainer.  this also includes taking care of our Health Care practictioners who are concerned about being sued, and their insurance sky rocketing.
  5. Education … something needs to be done.  Communitty Colleges needs to offer college courses during high school, for high schoolers that meet a certain gpa level.  How can we get an associate degree during High School?  Lets figure this one out.  While public universities are relatively inexpensive, try covering the $12,000 that are out of pocket for your new freshement that only recieved a $5000 federal loan, because you make too much.  12k is a lot!

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