Perspective on LGBT

As ironically as it sounds I have never had any real enemies, little skirmishes in elementary school, then alcohol and college, alright high school.

I had a friend up until a week ago, that I confronted and he came out.  I’m straight and have never floundered that part of my sexual desires.  But two women … That’s a different article and probably blog.

I’ve been confronted by bi-guys a few times, once at the gym, nice guy, just moved into town, he asks if I wanted to go next door and grab some breakfast (sat morn, said hey 3-4x), shortly into the eggs, he asks if I want to go to Atlanta with him. Something about Elton John. Heh.  Crazy.

My kid’s high school has a well known boy and 2 girls that are lg, maybe b.  I know of the boy And he’s extremely flamboyant and very feminin. Anc there’s a good chance there’s a few others that Have more of an introverted personality.

Macklemore solidified the love that two people of the same sex should be allowed the same rights as non lgbt, and has raised awareness of the neglect this group of people have endured,

They deserve equal rights as married folk of the opposite sex. Insurance and bank related stuff specifically.

So that was all the good, the honest, from the heart kinda stuff.  now the not so good.

– a subset of of the LG community are extremely over sexual, and overall give the lg community a bad name.

– Aids can be transferred in many ways! Anal sex is one way.

– when someone has Aids they are in denial and sometimes don’t care and have sex without telling their partner(s).

– many people with Aid’s use drugs, and share needles.  Approximately 34% of the people who have Aids in NY, were heterosexual, doing drugs with needles.

– Almost 30 Billion dollars the US will spend in a year to confront the Aids epidemic, both here in the US and some globally.  Too much, if you ask me.

If the LGBT community wants support from the more conservative groups, they need to clean their act up.  Pledge for safe sex and safe drug use, when needles are involved. This is where a need for awareness needs to take place, by Macklemore!  Things are getting better slowly in the US, but undeniably, most world governments want to prevent these relationships.

Unfortunately, I’m still debating what and how the B & the T part of the LGBT, fit into all this.

Bisexuals, let’s think about that for a moment.  this category is for people who want multiple partners, from both their own sex and the opposite.  I know a few women, that have experienced their own sex but prefer the opposite.   I don’t know anyone who wants to marry and wed to two other people.  And I’m really not sure if that’s what our society has in mind.  i don’t care what people want to get involved in.  But my thought is there would be tremendous tension trying to satisfy multiple partners.  And would fail.  Even polygamy is not supported by the Mormons any more.  Although it still exists, one man supporting multiple wives and many children, they are not part of the church.  I don’t believe the women are bi-sexual.

The progressives want unisex bathrooms, seriously?  That will never happen, but what are the transgenders to do, when they have to use the restroom?  They are males, dressed up as a female and vice versa.  I do believe it happens, when a boy should have been a girl and vice versa.

Promote Safe Sex!

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