Health Care Burden: Overweight People should pay more for Health Care

While everyone is realizing our population in the US is growing, not necesarily by the number, but by pounds! I personally don’t care if someone wants to eat a bag of chips at a time, but what I do care is if I have to take the burden of paying for their consequences of being overweight! Why are people that aren’t at high risk in the same pool as people that are of high risk. People that are overweight, should pay more for their health care and not burden me and my family. Call it a FAT Tax I don’t care. If I had to pay more because I was overweight, I might consider reducing my intake. Its amazing what God has done for us, we don’t have to eat a whole lot to stay alive, but why is that people take advantage of this God given ability. I realize its not only the low socioeconomic class, but now state medicaid is going bankrupt, medicare will be bankrupt, social security will be bankrupt. Give everyone annual credit, people and mothers will second guess if they need to spend their credit on every cold symptom and only end up in the hospital for a sometimes trivial symptom. If we don’t use the credit, it continues to retain its value and build over the years. Like an investment, its your for the keeping, you can take it out after its been in there for a years, or keep building, just in case you need a knee replacement which the annual credit probably wouldn’t cover. Of course, unexpected Cancer or other accidents are outside of this discussion, but smoking isn’t. If I smoke, I should pay more for my health care, just like a life insurance policy. Put the financial burden back on the individual who burdening system!

Quote from NERAC: “An aging population and increased incidence of obesity are primary causes for the increase in joint replacements. Nearly 65% of the US population is overweight, and arthritis is highly prevalent among this group. With more patients receiving joint replacements at an earlier age, there is much higher probability they will outlive their artificial joint.”

physorg.comOverweight elderly Americans contribute to financial burdens of the US health care system. Duh

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