Hate Groups on the Rise

The Southern Poverty Law Center spends its time tracking hate groups and domestic terrorists groups across America.  They also help victims of bigotry and discrimination and provide information to schools about cultural diversity.  This is great, I’m glad someone is maintaining a close eye on our Neo-Nazi’s, Klansmen, White Nationalists, Neo-Confederates, racists skinheads, black seperatists, border vigilantes and other violent hate type organizations.

I wouldn’t disagree that organizations that are racist, destructive and more important violent in nature should be considered a hate group.  But what I’m really confused about is the “others”f they mention.  The article from Southern Poverty Law Center (click here) that states, hate groups have increased by more than 50% since 2000 seems a bit much.   When I dug down and looked for the list that they published, I searched for my home state North Carolina and while I was expecting to see the extreme neo, the natzi the separatists there were none on this list,  what they did mention were groups like: Constitution Party in Fuquay, Cultural Freedom in Norlina, Oath Keepers, Preamble Trust in Charlotte and We are the people, known state wide.  HHHmm so these are “Hate Groups” ey?    WOW!  You’ve got to be kidding me, so now because someone takes a political side and becomes passionate about what they believe and joins an organized group, they may be joining a Hate Group?  What do you consider Union Members Picketing?  Our own civics and social studies teachers taking over a state building, demonstrating our legislative system at its best huh? Can’t you change jobs if you don’t like the way youre being treated, can’t you vote for your politician with your views? sorry to digress… 

And because SPLC are a bunch of lawyers running their own “Civil Rights” organization calling themselves a leader in this field?  What a shame.  Like a bunch of Car accident lawyers, but in this case a political civil rights lawyer running to each right winged protest?  Damn lawyers, I could really do without most of them!

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  1. admin says:

    I won’t drag this one out, but I did a little research on Souther Poverty Law Center and their “Hate Map” .. I did a quick search to see what hate groups are in my small town of Wilmington NC .. There were 3.

    Black Separatists, were mentioned as having a hate group. aka Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ, can‘t find them anywhere except in a tv spot for cable a few back as an ad.

    White Revolution: It looks like a one guy organization and the website says it all http://www.whiterevolution.com They do need to keep an eye on this guy aka Billy Roper. But the website says their address is in AR. I think thats Arkansas. Not in Wilmington NC

    And the third they list, League of the South, http://northcarolina.chapterlos.org/ He shows up as the Chapter Leader, Bernhard Thuersam, State Chairman, that must make him part of a Hate Organization. While in fact he is the Executive Director of the Cape Fear Historical Institute in Wilmington NC. He’s a native of Niagra Falls, New York, he has been a devoted student of World History cine 1958. He is former Chairman of the Cape Fear Museum Board of Trustee. More info about him here .. http://www.confederatedigest.com/2010/07/confederate-black-troops-in-war-between.html He’s from the North running a hate confederate organization? Looks to me like he’s a history buff!

    So my point … None of the findings in my town are currently accurate. None!

    Why is SPLC touting their data. I searched a few more throughout the state and from an online search couldn’t find any correlation with another 3 listings. None!

    Who checks this stuff?

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