Get Ready, Get Medicaid! ACA expands Medicaid

imageThis Affordable Care Act is awesome huh?  Part of the ACA is states have an option to increase their Medicaid Program.  The states responsibility is only 7% of the total $1 Trillion required, the states are making out on this one.  But wait, who’s responsible to pay the other 93% you ask, the federal government, they are just going to print money. BS!  More than $930 Billion will be forked over to the 22 states that opted for the federal aid in Medicaid.  Now who’s responsible to make sure the government has enough money to pay for their entitlement programs? We are, tax payers will be footing the bill!   Awesome huh?  Subsidized insurances for low income and increase the population for Mediciad.   All this and we as a country have yet to see a surplus of revenue since Clinton.  Spending what we don’t have.

Unfortunately, this federal subsidy will only last for 10 years, then the states will be required to pay for all Medicaid recipients. Hhmm … My bet, the states that took the Medicaid option  will be requesting financial assistance when that time comes.

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