Congratulations President Obama

Yep .. Congratulations, even though I didn’t vote for you this time .. but .. lets get back to work!  These are my most important issues in order.

  1. Deficit – With a company/country of our size, why are we in debt?  Why are we paying 40 cents of every dollar to China .. oh ya we’ve taken loans out.  Or we could just print more money and increase inflation, oh ya were doing that too!  Is there anything wrong with becoming debt free?  And if I’d print money, I’d go to jail.  But it’s ok for our government .. hhmm
  2. Unemployment / Jobs – This is a slow mover, but in the right direction.  Couple things.  Our government is not responsible for hiring employees, thus not responsible for jobs.  What we are (govt) responsible for is regulation of .. let our country flourish in the energy sector!   Don’t give money to any industry/company, instead offer carrots to companies that meet an expectation, solar, oil, coal, natural gas wind, etc.. don’t just give money.  Let them succeed and then give them money.
  3. Economy – Moving in the right direction, albeit slow ..
  4. Unions / Auto bailout – How does a union, basically cause a company to fail based on increase labor costs, then the government steps in and now owns 41% of the company that failed, GM?  Why do other companies have to file chapter 7 or chapter 11 and go through the legal process of rebuilding a company?
  5. Military / Protection – Protecting our Freedom is by far the most important thing our Military but provide.  Protecting other countries rights is a misconception.  Who are our allies?  Listen to the people, the children and women, get the facts .. we don’t need to be the super power to show off our strength.
  6. Illegal Immigrants – This is a mess.  Are taking advantage of healthcare and education, at no charge.  Amnesty won’t work  because they won’t want to pay taxes.  Duh .. This is a big factor in the failure of our state medicaid and education financial concerns.
  7. Health Care – Why is government in the middle of all this?  Two things I like, kids til the age of 26 and can’t deny coverage with pre-existing conditions, why did it take more than 1000 pages to get these two things into law?  This Affordable Care Act is a mistake.


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