OK, I concede – but don’t let CHINA off the hook, please! If you want to bring jobs back to the US!

lol, while I admit, I wanted President Trump to win, it wasn’t because of his bedside manner, or his quick to Twitter responses. It was his policy, and his drain the swamp mentality. I want term limits and lobbyist limitation, but unfort this will never happen, even if we did grandfather the old effers in. […]

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Doom & Gloom Dems, Here we go …

Congratulations to the democratic party for the presidential win. While I support your blue, it will take a bit for most of us to grasp what Biden will bring, other than a mask mandate. Which is what I’m writing about now. Fortunately I live in North Carolina and have for 18 years now, and while […]

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We’re prolonging the pandemic

Is the vaccine going to fix the pandemic? If a vaccine is approved, it would have met minimum efficacy and safety measures. With that being said, our young and healthy should not be restricted or locked down. Unfortunately we don’t always know they’re not really healthy. Regardless, this population is the lowest risk and they […]

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We live in America. We must unite! Fuck racism, We need to come together as brothers and sisters of any race and any color. ❤ Unfortunately there will always be racism, we all have opinions and perspectives. Unfortunately we must stop enabling poverty, if you’re in poverty and you’re expecting handouts, you need to grow […]

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Top Political Issues from the Authors view – just a perspective and willing to be modified

RACE – I am an American. Support and Love one another. Lets lift everyone up. Public Office: Limiting Senate to 2 terms and House seats to 6 terms. Reduce pay and exorbitant amount of pension, compared to the common worker. Oh yeah, and their entitled healthcare should be Medicare, like the public. Senators serve a […]

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The total number of people dyeing from Corona/Covid 19, per day is dropping significantly.

As a data junkie, you have to find the real data. And unfortunately in todays world, there’s always a percentage of the populated that is gets a bit skewed. Lets really put this in perspective. Many states are seeing a decrease in positive testing. Some states are seeing an increase. Is it because we’re testing […]

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