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  • The Demise of a Democracy

    The Demise of a democracy, when a politician is scared to reduce the payout/benefits of any section of a federal program, because, they may not get voted back into office.  Including their own benefits!  Why would they be worried?  Because more people work for, and/or receive benefits from the govt. than work in the private […]

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  • Info from Syrian Newspapers

    Sana.sy – “Russia says US proof of chemical attack in Syria ‘unconvincing’ as international opposition to US strike mounts” Capitals, (SANA) – Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed support to the Russian Parliament’s initiative to send a parliamentary delegation to discuss the crisis in Syria with the U.S. Congress. ///. “Worldwide rejection of US military aggression […]

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  • WTF Egyptian Military!

    Wow!  What a sad day for our brothers and sisters in Egypt.  I have a couple Egyptian friends and they just cant believe what is taking place.  With video scattered over the Internet, of people getting sniped from a rooftop or machine gunned down.  With no president, and an interim president who stepped down and […]