College Football Must Go On, A Top Political Issue

College football is the American Winter time sport to sit back and relax. And yes tailgate, and parking lot parties with 100’s of college students and their parents may throw a small corn hole tournament before the game. But maybe not this year. I think everyone who watched college football can go without the social […]

Top Political Issues from the Authors view – just a perspective and willing to be modified

RACE – I am an American. Support and Love one another. Lets lift everyone up. Public Office: Limiting Senate to 2 terms and House seats to 6 terms. Reduce pay and exorbitant amount of pension, compared to the common worker. Oh yeah, and their entitled healthcare should be Medicare, like the public. Senators serve a […]

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The total number of people dyeing from Corona/Covid 19, per day is dropping significantly.

As a data junkie, you have to find the real data. And unfortunately in todays world, there’s always a percentage of the populated that is gets a bit skewed. Lets really put this in perspective. Many states are seeing a decrease in positive testing. Some states are seeing an increase. Is it because we’re testing […]

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