Impeach a President (Trump is not the president)

Please stop wasting tax payers time and money. This is absurd. Move on. This really is the demise of our country. The house and senate reps, do they really need to work a full time job? lol. Don’t we have enough laws? And when they do want to change something, damn pork barrel crap gets put in there too. Legal bribery. If you vote for my law, I’ll give your state more money for … fill in the blank.

So back to the impeachment. lol Really? How much is this costing the tax payers, millions. And our reps are just trying to make a point so they can get rejected, i mean reelected. 🙂 Trump was defeated in the weirdest election ever. Let it go, let’s move on. Jeesh. The older I get the more I can’t stand our government and the design. Term limits for all, and lobbyists limits. It’s pretty simple. The constitution was written when our local businessmen only worked part time in their position. Now, they vote themselves raises and have superior health care. This needs changed, tired of our premadonna representatives. smh.