OK, I concede – but don’t let CHINA off the hook, please! If you want to bring jobs back to the US!

lol, while I admit, I wanted President Trump to win, it wasn’t because of his bedside manner, or his quick to Twitter responses. It was his policy, and his drain the swamp mentality. I want term limits and lobbyist limitation, but unfort this will never happen, even if we did grandfather the old effers in. But moving forward the one thing that will maintain serenity for many small and large manufacturing companies in the US. Are the Tariffs on CHINA. Due to their patent and information infringement of many products current and in the past, along with their subsidized economy and low labor rate laws that follows their communism rule. We the US can’t compete. And you want minimum wage to be $15/hr. And you want China to do whatever you want? Really the question is, do you want the jobs here? Then we have to have a level playing field, and when our importing is substantially larger than the exporting to a specific country, we have to see this as unfair. Especially when we have proven federally that they’ve lied and cheated the system. Please maintain the CHINA tarrifs! It’s vital the success of improving our own quality of life for everyone in the US.

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