Doom & Gloom Dems, Here we go …

Congratulations to the democratic party for the presidential win. While I support your blue, it will take a bit for most of us to grasp what Biden will bring, other than a mask mandate. Which is what I’m writing about now. Fortunately I live in North Carolina and have for 18 years now, and while I don’t see eye to eye on everything our Governor has done, Governor Roy Cooper, he has done an ok job on progressing to a more open society. He has done a very good job, limiting the seriousness of the Covid pandemic. Our hospitalizations have increased recently, but not overwhelming our hospitals. And while cases are significantly rising throughout the entire state, our death or mortality rate has not increase significantly either.

So why I am I listening to Maggie Fox, Sr. Editor for CNN, forecast such a depressed state on NPR live today. She rattles off these statements that just aren’t true for my state. She on there shouting, that things are going to get much worse, limited PPE, health care workers working overtime for 9 months now, with the Flu season upon us, things are going to get even worse. Well not in every state. And these comments don’t add up. Don’t you thing wearing a mask will also prevent you from getting the flu. Seems like it to me.

But what really irritates me about our where we get our news. Theres an overwhelming amount of information that we get that is an opinion, and editorial review. Lets face it, they’re competing for airtime, and news, local, state and national all play the reality tv game to gather better ratings. And its becoming such a “what I think is going on” vs. “What was said today at the …” . Ya know, it sure would be nice to have the news tell me what happened, without their extended opinion of what it means. And if you do provide your perception of what might be going on and why, make sure your doing it from both sides. Doom and Gloom … Thanks Ms. Fox. It’s not reality, it’s what you made it.

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