We’re prolonging the pandemic

Is the vaccine going to fix the pandemic? If a vaccine is approved, it would have met minimum efficacy and safety measures. With that being said, our young and healthy should not be restricted or locked down. Unfortunately we don’t always know they’re not really healthy. Regardless, this population is the lowest risk and they are not only at the ripe socially bread age, and many in college, but this is the group that will transfer the virus the most, (and Healthcare workers), can also put us closer to herd immunity. But because of their low risk, this group should literally all go to the football games for free, stay in school or your dorm for the next month and come home for Thanksgiving. 🙂 Now the kids can visit grandma or family member with cancer. ❤ This great country needs to be 100% open. And while i refer to vaccines, which need to be available for or high risk first, then our seniors, then all.

Here’s where the problem starts, the assumption everyone will be vaccinated.

And most important, our president as of October 4th has tested positive for covid without a fever or any other symptoms.

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