College Football Must Go On, A Top Political Issue

College football is the American Winter time sport to sit back and relax. And yes tailgate, and parking lot parties with 100’s of college students and their parents may throw a small corn hole tournament before the game. But maybe not this year. I think everyone who watched college football can go without the social exchanges to comply with a concerned government. We can comply because our hospitals are at capacity with Covid Patients. College Football doesn’t need a stadium, but I and we, and millions more Americans need a past time to maintain our serenity even if its from our favorite chair or couch in the living room or back deck. College Football must go on!

“College Football is a top political issue. And it must go on!”

The fall and winter months provide us limited amount of sunlight, and we already expect some of us to get depressed, aka SAD, seasonal affected disorder. Give us our football. And its ok, most of us will continue to support our annual costs to maintain our seats. Heck, even considering allows ticket holders to only go 1 game this year, instead of 7. We’ll be fine with that. But please don’t cancel College Football. Nobody really cares who wins or loses, right Alabama? I mean Clemson? lol … I mean Michigan, or Ohio State? heh … College Football must go on. Our kids serenity depends on it. We’ll get used to the small group of entertaining. And we’ll get used to entertaining in a more open environment, practicing social distancing and availability of sanitizing hands often. I’ve never in my life washed my hands or lotioned up with sanitizer so much. I have more than 3 or 4 bottles of sanitizer. Most of us do. But please, for the children of gods sake, we must have some competition.

Testing our college athletes for Covid is a no brainer. They get tested twice a week for the entire season, for every sport, soccer, golf, basketball. They’re off the team, until a negative test. We get it. Our government is worried about providing quality healthcare to those in need, and while we’re concerned for the lack of … but College Football must go on.

My neighbors along with my wife and I, have been playing cornhole quite often since April. And our worlds have changed, we get it. But some level of college and pro sports must go on. College Football is a top political issues and must be played at some level. Don’t let 2020 take all of our freedoms away. Please. FIGURE IT OUT. College Football Must Go On!

Reduce the season to 10 games. Lets do a little deep dive into the ancillary requirements that make the sport what it is. A weekend on turf, stadium seating, locker rooms and the locker (go to Texas Football for the best locker rooms), go back stage. Single out high schools. They need the same enthusiasm at some level as well. No more jamborees, but with technology, even high schoolers can watch from home now. Middle schoolers want to play too … flag football. Trust me, you’ll have backyard and make up games being played without the correct supervision and you might as well get it right and FIGURE IT OUT.

Many season ticket holders would be willing to maintain their current $$ pledge if they can go 1 or two games. No tailgating, it will be policed. But with technology we can easily divide up our stands to eliminated 80% of the people, so social distancing can be practiced. Heck even if its one game per year, you will see College sports being financially supported. We already hear of colleges revenues decreased dramatically and may not make it. They we’rent prepared for the online only shift. Real Estate Classes too. So allow us to one game, I (i imagine most of us) don’t even care if its the first home game or the last … our college football history goes way back, and it allows us to maintain a relationship with our children during an important time of adult growth. Even if we can’t drink with strangers at our kids frat house. :/

We still want to cookout, we still want to purchase food, and buy extravagant dips and deserts for a few of our friends at our house, instead of thousands on a Friday night getting ready to tailgate at 7am in the morning. We get it. But don’t stop it completely. College Football must go on.

Not only do our kids want to play, but our colleges need the revenue to maintain the integrity of the school. And as I’ve said a couple times before, most of us will continue to support our seasonal ticket costs, just because of the situation we’re in, but we will need football to be played. We want to purchase jerseys, and hats and blankets, online. This is not just college (or pro) football this is our economy. Don’t shut it down. FIGURE IT OUT! College football must be played!

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