Top Political Issues from the Authors view – just a perspective and willing to be modified

  1. RACE – I am an American. Support and Love one another. Lets lift everyone up.
  2. Public Office: Limiting Senate to 2 terms and House seats to 6 terms. Reduce pay and exorbitant amount of pension, compared to the common worker. Oh yeah, and their entitled healthcare should be Medicare, like the public. Senators serve a 6 year term while House of reps serve for 2 years per term.
  3. American Healthcare – a quality of life like no other, should be given to everyone at a basic minimum. Availability of producing good generic medications, routine physical and dental assistance, along with technology, allows basic healthcare for everyone as essential.
  4. American Poverty – Enable. Empower. Employment. MANUFACTURING BEGINS AGAIN in the United States of America. We will lead the US manufacturing revolution with education and empowering small businesses, with the most advance technology available.
  5. Checkbook balancing. We have more than 16 million people working in the public sector. Cost tax payers more than 73 BILLION DOLLARS a year. I know right. Think about it, where does the money come from? People who make money. Government doesn’t make money, they take it from you and I. This open checkbook, has got to stop. How about 50 Billion dollars in foreign aid. Huh? I’m all about supporting alliances, but 50 billion. Sounds like we’re lobbying the world. and I hate lobbyist. The other sad part about this, many/most of our public sector jobs get a pension. The money making sector, the Private sector has practically eliminated it. Things need to change.
  6. Military – Confidence we will have Peace throughout the world, but maintaining the integrity of our peoples land first, and the confidence and support of our northern and southern allies will be our primary focus. Support Global alliances with same views. No reason to partake in international real estate and religious wars, these will never be won, and is very sad. Hopeful sovereign countries can agree without war, or death. Life isn’t a game.
  7. Eliminate Lobbyist. If the pharmaceutical companies aren’t allowed, why would our legal system?

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