Is Biden fit for President? Top Political issue

Biden has a likeability to him that people trust. He’s been in government for many years. Hold on, I’ll check. He was born in 42′, started a senate position in 73′, so just under 50 years in government.

So this is where I stray from being neutral, sorry. How can someone support my perspectives and views when they haven’t lived in the private sector, basically forever. Over 16 million government/public jobs, that tax payers pay their salary. The private sector pays more than $73 BILLION a year in salaries to our public sector. This is another topic, and out of control. Outside of college tuition and their sports, citations from our justice dept, tickets etc. The public sector doesn’t make any money. Ok .. back to Biden.

When I go to his website he’s got 37 topics. Poverty, Healthcare and cost of government aren’t on their. We continue to tip toe around 3 of the most crucial areas that determines the majority’s quality of life. Enabling our poor to continue to in their same trend of not being self reliant.