The total number of people dyeing from Corona/Covid 19, per day is dropping significantly.

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Corona Covid 19 Virus Death Rate

As a data junkie, you have to find the real data. And unfortunately in todays world, there’s always a percentage of the populated that is gets a bit skewed. Lets really put this in perspective. Many states are seeing a decrease in positive testing. Some states are seeing an increase. Is it because we’re testing more? Is it because many had to go back to work and without symptoms tested positive? And had to repeat until negative. Is it because we’re testing for antibody and PCR, and show positive regardless. Is it because of protesting or riots? Is it because of Republican rallies? So with all these unkowns, we still have a few different sources for pooled data. Fortunately all three, Johns Hopkins, CDC and one more, but their trends all follow suit. Some a little high, some a little low, but the same trends when viewing the chart/graph.

Unfortunately this virus spreads rapidly, I personally believe a large portion of the country had the virus in Nov-Dec. I travel on a plane a couple times a month. I was noticing a surprisingly number of specifically Asians wearing masks. In January, I had someone cough through out the flight, behind me. Two days later I’m traveling home, and had a 2 our drive. I decided to stay in hotel near the airport and drive home, my body shut down. Each day I had a different symptom, first body aches, then nasal, then stuffy head, then into the lungs … for a couple2-3 weeks. I’m giving blood for the second time during this covid crap tomorrow, but this time I find out if I’ve had covid or not. Red Cross is providing antibody testing on every unit of blood. I’ll update accordingly after I find out.

Then the Superbowl … this was two weeks after my symptoms started, but still had minor cough hack … but can you imagine how many people may have had it flying to Miami, and going to the superbowl, and partying like it was 1999 again. Heck Florida is shutting their bars down … smh. Anyway, can you imagine the meltingpot of people in Miami, the end of January, quite possibly at the peak of Corona. Then our spring breakers that party’d it up in March, even early april … and brought it back home to mama and pops … truly crazy events … but here we are … Whats really important? Since we know this doesn’t affect the young, or even older population, its in the senior community, around 65 ish .. but of course if you’re overweight, blood pressure, any compromised immune system. And where does a large majority of those patient live? Nursing homes .. hyper focus on the quality of their health care and we’ll immediate results. anyway .. next..

Unfortunately not to be gross or with a negative perspective, but ultimately our survival rate, or daily no. of deaths should determine, if we should still be concerned with an over an abundance of respiratory patients that may flood our hospital or more specific, our icu rooms. I live in NC, more than 90% of the hospital rooms and ICU rooms are currently available. Where’s that statistic? Hidden. The big 600′ red cross boat, that went to New York to help with the influx patients, setup additional tents in the parks. Never used, so thank good we didn’t stress our health care system as much as we thought. 🙂 This is great news.

So now that we know, our healthcare is prepared, for much worse than what we saw, how do we focus on those high risk patients. And get our economy back in gear and start providing the cancer screenings, physicals, blood levels, diabetes medications and other medications manufactured in the US.

But wait hold my beer. B double E double R un, Beer Run … Even though our health care isn’t at risk, we’ll be wearing masks for years. Instead of worrying about positive tests, we need to focus on where the deaths are coming from and hold those responsible. More importantly, what are the daily corona virus death trends? With a little influence, it won’t take make to allow stores only available for Senior with masks from 6-8 am. on Wednesday. So many opportunities but so many states have failed this obvious issue that happened in Washing State when it first broke out, and has continued to affect a large portion of the death rate are from Nursing homes, possibly as much as 50%.

The only link I have for you is the daily death rate by country, it’s an accumulated 3 day dot on the chart. Keep in mind, when reviewing the US data, what did the CDC do on June 26? added probable deaths to their total, beginning the 26th. It may not have been the entire reason, and yes we in the United States have some crazy stuff going on. I didn’t know anything about a mami until a week or two. I guarantee Aunt Jemima was a smart lady and made a ton of money. Just because some Harvard professor said we haven’t been concerned with the racial perspective of what took place, its about time we remove her lovely wanna give a hug to face. I don’t get it. Stop tearing up our businesses, small and large, I don’t care who you are. Way off topic.

You decide … our rates are going up, because we’re

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